In 1964, Binh and his family emigrated from war-torn South Vietnam to Canada in search of safety and better opportunities. Like many other immigrants, Binh juggled part-time work with his studies to support his family. He successfully completed his secondary and post-secondary education, graduating from the University of Toronto in 1973. Following his graduation, Binh secured a position at the Post Office Department of Canada, which later became Canada Post. Through his hard work and competence, he steadily climbed the ranks, eventually retiring in 2005 after holding various supervisory and managerial roles.

Shortly after retiring, Binh became aware of the ongoing struggle for Chinese head tax redress. In 2006, he took on the role of co-chair for the Victims of Head Tax Family Alliance. His activism and commitment to his community caught the attention of others, leading to an invitation to join the administrative team of the Trinity-Spadina (Ward 20) Councilor. Binh served the city of Toronto in this capacity until 2014. Moreover, his contributions were recognized with the prestigious Queen’s Jubilee Award.

After his involvement in local politics, Binh continued to support his community as a special assistant to the Member of Parliament representing Spadina-Fort York riding. He served in this role until September 2022, marking his second retirement. Despite being retired, Binh remains dedicated to encouraging individuals from all communities to raise their voices and fight for fairness and justice.