100 Years Commemoration

July 1, 2023 Chinese People’s Railroad Day

July 1, 2023 proclaimed as Chinese People’s Railroad Day by different province and Ottawa

We worked tirelessly on getting July 1, 2023 to be declared as “Chinese People’s Railroad Day” in all capital cities in recognition of the Chinese railroad workers’ contributions to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, a critical part of our nation-building endeavours. More importantly, we wish to remember their hardships, their sufferings, and endurance when faced with anti-Chinese legislation that had drastic impacts on their lives and their families. A hundred years later, we asked for them to be recognized, for one day. It is not too much of an ask.

History is made today, the Province of British Columbia is the first province to declare July 1, 2023 as “Chinese Railroad Workers Memorial Day”.

At the time of printing our commemorative, we received seven proclamations from capital cities.

100 Years Commemorative Events

July 1, 2023 : 10:00 am Wreath Laying Ceremony & 05:00 pm Formal Dinner 

This year, just like in the past 30+ years, we are coming together in downtown Monument to honour and pay tribute to the Chinese Railroad workers. Additionally, we have organized a formal dinner, bringing together community leaders, historians, keynote speakers, and our local community to delve into the history of the Chinese Immigration Act 1923 (known as the Chinese Exclusion Act) and Chinese Railroad Workers.

We are immensely grateful for the generous support of numerous sponsors and the community, which made this milestone event for the foundation possible. A special note of thanks is due to Concord Adex and BMO for their sponsorship. Their commitment has played a substantial role in our ability to bring this commemorative event to life.

100 Years Anniversary Highlights 

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100 Years Anniversary Organizing Committee

Tin Chung

Chair, 100th Year Organizing Committee, FCCRWC

Tin is a full-time realtor, and holds a diploma in Police Foundation, a professional certificate in Emergency Management from York University. She is a founding member and director of the Toronto Hakka Heritage Alliance, and chaired the first Hakka Wall project in North America that is installed at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCCGT). She also sits on the board of directors at the CCCGT, and the Hakka Youth Association (HYA). Tin was a moderator for the Youth Forum at the 31st World Hakka Conference in Markham. She continues to pursue her interests in Cultural Anthropology at York University. Being a mother is her biggest accomplishment, and greatest joy. She has the cutest Yorkie, Kiwi.

Sun Teo

Digital, 100th Year Organizing Committee, FCCRWC

Sun, a dedicated advocate of diverse cultures, actively engages in community initiatives while utilizing her expertise as the owner of a digital marketing agency. Her aim is to transform non-profit organizations into digitally savvy entities, ensuring the continuation of cultural knowledge and heritage. Sun successfully digitized the FCCRWC heritage on the web and made this book available online, showcasing her commitment to bridging cultural understanding through her agency’s digital prowess. Her efforts in preserving heritage and fostering cultural appreciation reflect her passion for both marketing and cultural preservation.

Winston Loui

Volunteer, 100th Year Organizing Committee, FCCRWC

Winston Loui is a FCCRWC Volunteer. In 2009, Winston was the original project manager for the Foundation to Commemorate the Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada’s documentary “Ties That Bind” website and documentary video that was completed in partnership with the Multicultural History Society of Ontario. Winston also volunteers for the 100th anniversary organizing committee.